What to Know About Carpenter Ant Swarms

As the name implies, carpenter ants are industrious workers. Unfortunately, when it comes to your home their labors can be seriously destructive. Here’s a look at why carpenter ant swarms call for intervention from Brick exterminator services.

Swarms: Tell-Tale Sign of Infestation

Swarming kicks off the reproductive cycle of carpenter ants. When the temperature is right, winged males emerge from their nests during daylight hours. A pheromone emitted by the males entices females to leave their nests in order to begin the mating process.

Carpenter ant nests are normally hidden from view deep within available sources of wood. In addition, worker ants tend to be active primarily between dusk and dawn. For these reasons, a swarm is often the first sign for a homeowner that your Brick exterminator should be called.

Mature carpenter ant colonies can number up to 50,000 members. Swarmers are not produced until a colony has been active for at least two years, so if you spot a swarm around your home the nest is well-established.

How Carpenter Ants Threaten Homes

Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t actually eat wood, but their habit of burrowing through wood to create a nest poses a similar risk of structural damage. Carpenter ants frequently gain a foothold by entering damp, mold-damaged wood, from which they proceed to tunnel through dry, undamaged wood.

Your Top Choice for Brick Exterminator Services

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