New Jersey Yellow Jacket October Behavior

Cooler weather might seem like a relief if you’re tired of having to watch out for yellow jackets. However, these stinging insects are around in October, and you might need to keep your guard up even more due to their behavior. Find out more about why yellow jackets can be more dangerous in fall and when to call an exterminator Monmouth County NJ if you see them around.

Food Sources

The larvae that yellow jackets normally feed on become harder to find as the weather cools off in October. This can make yellow jackets more aggressive as they look for food. Since they like sugary foods and drinks, you could end up being attacked when you’re outside eating and drinking. Keep these kinds of foods and beverages covered if you’re outdoors, and make sure your garbage can lids are securely closed.


During October, yellow jackets are also more likely to come into contact with people as they search for shelter. Queen yellow jackets sometimes enter houses through tiny gaps and find a place to stay for the winter, such as inside walls or other interior structures. While you might not see them in fall or winter, you might have them flying around your home in spring when the weather warms up.

If you need an exterminator Monmouth County NJ for a yellow jacket infestation, contact Allison Pest Control. Our pest control technicians are able to safely remove yellow jacket nests from your property.

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