Stop Stings from Bees and Wasps This Summer

Spending time outside in summer means taking a risk of encountering stinging insects like wasps and bees. Although some of these bugs will leave you alone, others might sting, especially if you stumble across their nest. The following tips will help you reduce your risk of being stung.

Call the Professionals for Help

If you have a bee or wasp nest in your yard, you’ll need professional pest control in New Jersey. Do not try to remove nests yourself as it comes with a high risk of being stung. Instead, let pest control experts handle these nests.

Keep Drinks and Food Covered

Sugar tends to draw wasps and other stinging insects. Store food in containers outside, and put covers on open beverage containers.

Choose Clothing Colors Carefully

Bees and wasps head toward people who wear brightly colored clothing or clothes with vivid patterns on them. Wear neutral or dark colors outside to avoid being stung. The color red is also safe, since wasps and bees don’t see this color.

Stay Calm

Don’t swat at wasps or bees if they’re near you. This will aggravate them and cause them to sting. Make calm, slow movements instead until they fly away. Also avoid running, so they don’t chase you.

Skip Strongly Scented Products

Don’t wear body sprays or perfumes with strong scents. This goes for other scented products, such as shampoos and body wash.

If you need pest control in New Jersey for wasps or bees, please contact Allison Pest Control. We have expert technicians available to eliminate stinging pests as safely as possible.

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