Spiders Lay their Eggs in the Spring

Spiders stay active throughout the year feeding on insects. When spring arrives, these pests can become a bigger problem for NJ homeowners. During this time of year, spiders lay their eggs, which can result in a spider infestation that you’ll need Monmouth County pest control services to eradicate.

Spider Behavior in Spring

Spiders don’t hibernate or take a break during winter. Instead, they find warm areas to stay out of the cold, build their webs and feed on bugs. When the weather warms up, spiders lay eggs. If you have spiders in your home, this could mean that you’ll end up dealing with a much larger spider problem. Spiders can lay many eggs at a time, so it’s important to have our pest control deal with them before they have a chance to multiply.

Preventing Spider Problems

Keeping spiders out of your home can be challenging. Sealing up potential entry points, such as gaps around your doors and windows, can help prevent these pests from getting in. Having your home inspected for spiders and having spider problems dealt with promptly can reduce your risk of ending up with a spider infestation. Keep this advice in mind this spring while spiders are busy laying eggs.

If you have a spider problem in your home, our Monmouth County pest control professionals can help. Contact Allison Pest Control for more information about our services.

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