Why Camel Crickets Love Your Basement in the Winter

They’ve been described as disgusting, scary and alien-looking, and they may take up residence in your basement this winter. Our Colts Neck exterminator experts share helpful tips about keeping camel crickets out of your home during the cold weather months.

Why Camel Crickets Are Cellar Dwellers

Named for their distinctive humpback, camel crickets also bear a resemblance to spiders due to their long, spindly legs. Research indicates these silent yet creepy pests can be found in or around more than one-third of New Jersey homes.

Camel crickets are also known as cave crickets, thanks to their propensity for dark, damp places. Your basement is an attractive destination for camel crickets when falling temperatures drive them from their favorite outdoor spots.

Defend Against Unwanted House Guests

• Our Colts Neck exterminator technicians suggest that you store firewood a minimum distance of 20 feet away, keep grass short and avoid piles of leaves, mulch and other debris.

• Inspect doors and windows to ensure weatherstripping is securely in place with no rips or loose spots. Caulk is a quick and inexpensive way to seal leaks, and as a bonus, your energy bills will likely decrease.

• Go into the basement, turn off the lights and examine the perimeter walls. If you see any daylight, that’s an indication of trouble areas.

Eliminate Pests with Our Colts Neck Exterminator Services

Don’t share your home with insects, rodents and other cold weather intruders. Contact Alison Pest Control or use our mobile-friendly site to schedule a free inspection by our Colts Neck exterminator staff.

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