New Jersey Wasp Nest Identification Tips

Wasps are one of the biggest summer problems for NJ homeowners. These pests can deliver highly painful stings and attack in large numbers when they’re threatened. Knowing how to identify a wasp nest is important, so you can get NJ pest control services to get rid of it safely for you.

Where Wasps Build Nests

This varies depending on the type of wasp you have. Some wasps build nests in the ground, which can be hard to spot, while others build nests on the sides of buildings or even inside buildings.

What Wasp Nests Look Like

Wasp nests also vary in terms of their appearance depending on the type of wasp. Keep in mind that these nests can be very large in late summer, so they might be easier to notice. A few examples of the different kinds of nests include the following:

Paper wasps build nests that look very similar to the honeycomb nests that bees build.

– Mud daubers create mound-like nests out of mud. These nests can look gray or brown when the mud becomes hard enough.

– Yellow jackets build papery nests in the ground or inside empty spaces in walls.

If you have any type of wasp nest on your property, let the experts at Allison Pest Control remove it for you. Our NJ pest control services include safe wasp nest removal, so you don’t have to risk being stung.

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