Carpenter Ants, a Symbiotic Bacteria and a Vegetarian Diet

Carpenter ants are a common reason for homeowners to call NJ pest control services, but did you know that the existence of these bugs could be at risk? With the climate getting warmer overall, these ants, along with many other species, could end up being harmed by bacteria inside them.

Rising Temperatures and Bacteria

Increasing temperatures have been linked to the puzzling deaths of the majority of saiga antelopes in the wild. Scientists discovered that normally harmless bacteria that dwell inside these animals became toxic due to changes in the climate. Researchers warn that other species might be at risk of suffering the same fate, including carpenter ants, since they wouldn’t be able to survive on a vegetarian diet. While this might seem like a positive thing, it’s important to note that their absence could have harmful effects on the local food chain and wildlife.

Carpenter Ant Prevention

Carpenter ants are still around for the time being, but you don’t necessarily have to deal with them. You can keep them at bay by eliminating sources of moisture that can cause decayed wood, such as leaks. Trimming tree branches and bushes away from your home can also make it harder for these bugs to get inside.

If you have carpenter ants damaging your home, don’t wait any longer for NJ pest control services. Contact Allison Pest Control, so we can rid your home of these pests.

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