What to Know About Yellowjacket Queens in the Spring

Yellow jackets might seem like a summer problem, but queens can start causing trouble in spring. Since these pests can be dangerous to have around, knowing more about their behavior is important. Keep the following information on yellow jackets in mind and be ready to schedule NJ pest control if needed.

Spring Queens

Yellow jacket queens come out of hibernation during spring. You can usually find them in outdoor places, like hollowed-out logs or in stumps around your yard. However, they can also hide out inside walls or other residential structures.

What do queens do after becoming active? They look for a place to establish a nest. Once this is found, they construct a nest using papery materials and lay eggs. Worker yellow jackets are born from these eggs. These bugs help take care of the other larvae and work on making nests bigger. They also forage for food and protect the colony.

Yellow Jacket Queens in Summer

The queen spends all summer laying eggs, which helps boost the population. In fact, these nests can end up having 15,000 nesting cells. That results in tons of yellow jackets in a season. Keep in mind that the queen dies in fall, but new queens take her place and hide out during winter.

What to Do About Yellow Jackets

If you see any queens coming out of hiding inside your home, hire pest control technicians. This helps ensure that if a nest is located in your house, it’s eliminated. Pest control experts can also get rid of outdoor yellow jacket nests and provide additional tips on preventing these pests.

Need NJ pest control for yellow jackets on your property? We’re here to help. Please contact Allison Pest Control right away to schedule service for your home.

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