Camel Back Crickets Love Your New Jersey Basement

When you have crickets in your home, you might not necessarily hear a lot of chirping. In fact, camel back crickets aren’t known for being as noisy as other cricket species. Learn more about these crickets, and don’t hesitate to get help from our Ocean County pest control services if you have an infestation.

Quiet Crickets

Camel back crickets can be hard to notice when they get inside your NJ home. They might startle you by suddenly showing up in your basement. These crickets don’t make the usual chirping noise associated with more common crickets, so it might take awhile before you find out that you have an infestation. Camel back crickets don’t bite, but they do jump around as other cricket species do. They’re a light brownish color unlike more common crickets that are darker in color.

Camel Back Cricket Behavior

Camel back crickets prefer living in dark, damp areas, which makes basements an ideal place for them. They’re usually found outdoors, but they might make their way inside looking for warmer or cooler shelter. Since they’re able to reproduce at a rapid rate, it’s important to get professional pest control to get infestations under control.

If you have camel back crickets in your NJ home, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our technicians offer reliable Ocean County pest control services to eliminate these hopping pests from your home.

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