Do Insects Hibernate in Cold Weather? What to Know About Diapause

Having the weather get cooler doesn’t mean insects are gone for good for the season. While some bugs stay active even when it’s cold outside, others go into a state called diapause. You might need a Brick exterminator if any of these pests find their way into your home this season.

What Is Diapause?

Diapause is a dormant state that is similar to hibernation. When bugs go into diapause, their body slows down. This makes it possible for them to handle the cold and maintain energy, which allows them to survive. However, these bugs usually seek a sheltered place to go, since they can be attacked by predators while they’re in this state.

In some cases, these bugs choose residential buildings for their hiding spots. While you might not see them in winter, you’re likely to see them in your home during spring when they emerge from diapause.

Which Insects Go Into Diapause?

Not all bugs go into this dormant state. For example, cockroaches and termites continue being active throughout fall and winter. Some of the bugs that go into diapause include cluster flies, stink bugs, box elder bugs, and lady bugs. Taking steps to prevent these bugs from seeking shelter in your home or eliminating infestations now rather than later can help you avoid having to deal with them when spring arrives.

If you’re looking for a Brick exterminator for your NJ home, contact Allison Pest Control. With our help, your home will be free of insect pests this fall and winter.

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