What Happens to Spiders in the Winter?

With cooler weather approaching and as people prepare their homes for winter, the question of “pests and how to deal with them” may come up. One pest that may become a problem is spiders.

So, what really happens to spiders during the winter, when do they become a problem for homeowners, and when should people call their Rumson Exterminator to help eliminate the problem?

Spider Behavior in the Winter 

Both spider babies and adults have learned to adapt to colder climates in order to survive. All spiders undergo a process called “cold hardening.” In simple terms, this means that the spider produces anti-freezing compounds in their body, similar to the antifreeze people put in cars.

Spiders also know that they must find a warm place to stay. Between the hardening process and finding a warm environment, the spiders can survive throughout the winter. Sometimes the warm environment that spiders need will be inside your home, which is when a Rumson Exterminator should be called.

Not all spiders are dangerous, but some can be. Black Widows and Brown Recluses are two of the dangerous spiders that can find their way into your home during the winter months. In addition, common grass spiders have a painful bite. All spiders are cause for concern, but a Rumson Exterminator can help.

What to do if You Have Spiders

If you begin seeing signs of spiders in your home and you’re concerned, it may be time to call a Rumson Exterminator.

Contact us at Allison Pest Control today for professional help.

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