How Do Mice Get Into New Jersey Homes to Spend the Winter

During this time of year, mice start looking around for places to spend the winter months. This could mean that you end up with a mouse problem in your NJ house that you’ll need to deal with. Learn more about how mice get into homes and when you should get in touch with a Manasquan exterminator.

Windows and Walls

One of the most common places for mice to get in is through cracks or other tiny openings in walls and around windows. These gaps provide plenty of space for mice to crawl into homes in order to find warmth and shelter as it gets colder out.

Sewer Lines

Mice can gain entry into homes through sewer lines. Drain pipes under sinks and in other areas of your home should be covered to stop them from getting inside this way.


Mice can easily get into residential buildings through garages. In some cases, mice build nests in garages. In other cases, they use attached garages to get inside the main living areas.

Ventilation Openings

Ventilation holes, such as ventilation stacks, can provide mice with an effective way to get into homes. Covering these openings helps prevent this from occurring.


Mice can stow away in boxes of decorations in sheds or garages and get inside houses when these containers are brought inside.

If you need a Manasquan exterminator for a mouse problem in your home, please contact Allison Pest Control today. Our team can remove these rodents from your home.

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