Poop Inspection? How to Tell Mouse Droppings from Rat Droppings

Mice and rats are common pests that some NJ homeowners have had to deal with. Since both can carry disease, cause damage to homes, and contaminate food, it’s important to have professional pest control in Monmouth County handle rodent infestations promptly. If you find droppings in your home, how can you tell which rodent has invaded? Keep the following in mind:


Mouse droppings are much smaller than rat droppings, which makes sense because rats are quite a bit larger than mice, especially Norway rats. Mouse feces are roughly the size of a grain of rice. Rat feces can be around 20 times larger.


Mouse droppings typically have pointed ends and are thinner. Rat droppings have a bulkier appearance and rounded ends. Both mouse and rat droppings are brown.


Size and appearance are the best ways to determine if you have a mouse or rat infestation based on droppings. Both types of rodents can leave feces anywhere in your home, whether they’re heading back to their nest or looking around your kitchen for scraps of food or crumbs to eat. When you have rodent droppings anywhere in your home, it’s time to have professional pest control experts find these pests and eliminate them.

If mice or rats are in your home, contact Allison Pest Control right away. We offer dependable, high-quality pest control in Monmouth County.

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