Scratching Heard Inside Your Walls Means Mice Are Coming In

When you hear noises inside your walls, such as scratching, you might have a mouse problem. Mice can get inside these areas and make themselves at home until you get professional NJ pest control services to remove them. The following signs could indicate a mouse infestation in your NJ home.


Mice might other sounds besides scratching when they live inside homes. You might hear them squeak or scurry around in your walls or attic. Mice are usually active at night, so you’re more likely to hear these sounds at that time.


Finding tiny dark pellets in your home could mean you have mice. Mouse droppings and urine-stained marks can be left behind as mice move around homes. Clean these carefully, since mouse droppings and urine have germs.

Rub Marks

Mice sometimes leave greasy markings on surfaces or objects that they rub. You might see these markings in or near areas where mice have made a nest.

Nesting Materials

Mouse nests are often made of shredded paper and similar materials. You might find bits of these materials in your home if mice have built nests inside your walls or attic.

Handling a Mouse Problem

It’s important to have mice eliminated from your home, since they can spread germs and cause property damage. Have pest control professionals handle these infestations.

If you hear mice in your walls or other parts of your home, contact Allison Pest Control. Our NJ pest control services can remove these rodents from your home before they cause additional damage.

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