$1.5 Billion In Damage Annually- How to Protect Your Property Against Termites

Termites are known to cause extensive damage to homes and commercial buildings, but are they something you need to worry about in NJ? These pests can cause major problems for you as a property owner, so it is important to learn more about termites and when to get professional termite extermination help.

Termite Problems

Just how much of a problem are termites? These pests cost homeowners over $1.5 billion each year, making them an expensive pest to have in homes and buildings. These insects can do a lot of damage in buildings before property owners even become aware of their presence.

Termites mainly stay out of sight, but they are busy eating up the wood inside walls and other areas. This results in structural damage over time, which can range from minor to severe. Waiting to have a termite problem treated means you are risking the safety of your home or building and looking at a higher pest control costs for infestation extermination.

Signs of Termites

How do you know if you need treatment for termites? You can have a professional inspection done to determine if these pests are around. You should also watch for signs, such as wood that feels soft or hollow in places. Some termites also build mud tubes that go from the foundation of a building to the ground.

If your home or office needs termite treatment or pest identification, please contact us at Allison Pest Control.

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