Termites Are Active Year Round! Here’s How to Recognize These Pests

Termites are expected to be worse than usual due to warmer weather. Since these pests can cause expensive and significant damage to homes, it’s important to know more about them. Find out when you should have Monmouth County pest control check or treat your home for these pests.

Signs of Termites

How do you know if you might have a termite problem in your home? This depends in part on the type of termite you’re dealing with. Subterranean termites are known for building mud tubes that connect the ground to home structures in order to allow workers to pass back and forth. These workers feed on wood as they make their usual rounds between residential structures and their underground nests.

Other termites, such as Formosan termites, can build large nests outside and establish huge colonies that can invade homes. Seeing small holes in wood, having areas of weakened wood, and seeing piles of discarded wings are all signs that you should have your home checked for termites.

Termite Control

You should get professional termite control for these pests, since do it yourself methods are typically not effective. Having this done promptly can save your home from extensive damage.

If you think you might have a termite problem in your home, contact Allison Pest Control right away. Our Monmouth County pest control services can eliminate termites from your home and prevent damage.

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