What to Know About New Jersey Termites

Knowing how to identify signs of termite damage and what to do about these pests is a crucial part of protecting your home from severe damage. You’ll need help from professional Monmouth County termite control services if you have any of these pests in your home. Keep the following information in mind, especially heading into spring when termites typically swarm.

Signs of Termite Problems in NJ

How can you tell if termites are inside your walls or other parts of your house? You can look for signs of these bugs, such as mud tubes that go from your home exterior to the ground. Termites use these tubes to go back and forth from your home to their colony.

Other signs to watch for include buckling wood, a mildew odor, and swollen wood ceilings and floors. You might also see signs of a swarm, such as wings on your window sills.

Handling Termite Infestations

You shouldn’t try to eliminate termites on your own, since this requires expertise and the right treatment. You should let pest control experts handle termite problems to ensure that these pests are fully eliminated from your home. This helps prevent them from being able to continue to do damage to your home.

If you have signs of termites in your NJ home, contact Allison Pest Control. We can save your home from serious damage with our professional Monmouth County termite control services.

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