Facts to Know About Carpenter Bees

During the springtime in NJ, you might see carpenter bees flying around outside your home. Knowing more about these insects can help you determine if you need Monmouth County NJ pest control services to remove them. Keep the following facts about carpenter bees in mind.

Carpenter Bees Aren’t the Same as Bumblebees

Carpenter bees are sometimes mistaken for bumblebees, but they’re not quite the same. Bumblebees have a hairy body, while carpenter bees are hairless. Carpenter bees also differ from bumblebees in terms of where they nest. Bumblebees nest in the ground, while carpenter bees nest inside wood.

They Don’t Have Colonies

Carpenter bees don’t form colonies as other bees do. Adult carpenter bees spend the winter months hiding from the cold individually, and fertilized females lay eggs on their own in the spring.

They Can Cause Damage

You might not deal with as much damage from carpenter bees as you would with termites. However, these bees can cause damage to wood over time, especially when they use the same areas year after year. Carpenter bee females bore into wood in order to lay their eggs. This creates round holes in wood structures, including home exteriors, sheds and even outdoor furniture.

If you have carpenter bees and need Monmouth County NJ pest control, please contact Allison Pest Control today. We can get rid of carpenter bees at your NJ home.

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