Top Rodents That Cause Problems for New Jersey Homes and Businesses

Rodents are common pests found in NJ homes and businesses. These pests can cause health hazards by spreading illnesses. They can also contaminate food supplies and damage buildings. Which rodents do NJ pest control services deal with the most?

Roof Rats

Roof rats are the smaller, black rats that are often seen high up on roofs and trees. They mainly feed on grains, vegetables and fruits.

Norway Rats

Norway rats are larger, brown or gray rats that are usually found on the ground or in sewers. Their diet includes nearly all types of foods, but they tend to favor grains and meats.

House Mouse

House mice are small, brown or gray mice that are commonly found inside buildings. They mainly prefer grains, but they’ll eat any food supplies that are laying around.

Deer Mouse

Deer mice or field mice are bigger and brownish in color. They typically feed outside on berries and seeds.

White-Footed Mouse

White-footed mice are light brown and the same size as deer mice. Their diet includes nuts, bugs, seeds and plants.


Voles, which resemble mice, are grayish in color and mainly live outdoors. They can destroy gardens and landscaping with their burrowing and feeding habits.

If you have rodents in your home or business, our technicians are here to help. Contact Allison Pest Control to get more information on our NJ pest control services.

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