How to Know If You Have Mice

When you have mice in your home, these small pests can contaminate your food and put you at risk of getting sick. Dealing with these rodents through professional pest control services in Monmouth County is crucial before an infestation gets out of control. You might have mice in your home if you notice any of these signs:

Mouse Droppings

Mice leave tiny dark pellets behind as they scurry around your home. Finding droppings that are still moist means that mice have been through that area recently, while dried and gray droppings are ones that have been around longer. You might find these droppings in any part of your home that mice are in, including your pantry, inside cupboards and in crevices.

Mouse Nests

Finding signs of a mouse nest indicates that you have an infestation in your home instead of having a lone mouse wandering in from outdoors. Mice use paper, dry plant matter and other materials to build their nests, so look for these in hidden areas of your home.

Marks from Gnawing

Mice have strong teeth built for gnawing through wood and other materials. You might also see marks from gnawing on packages of food in your pantry and cupboards.

Don’t wait for mice to take over your home before hiring pest control services in Monmouth County. Contact Allison Pest Control today for prompt and reliable mice control for your NJ home.

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