Spiders To Watch Out For Inside Your Home Now That It’s Cold

When it’s cold outside, spiders look for somewhere to go that offers them warmth and shelter. While many spiders aren’t harmful to humans, there are a few New Jersey venomous spiders you should watch out for. The following spiders can inflict bites that are painful and filled with venom if you disturb them in their hiding spot.

Black Widows

Black widows are feared by many people, although they don’t always inject venom with their bites. However, this isn’t a chance you want to take. Black widows can be easily identified by their black coloring and red hourglass marking.

Brown Recluses

Brown recluse spiders have venom that can lead to tissue destruction in extreme cases. These spiders are a light brown with a violin shaped marking. You’re most likely to find these spiders in hidden areas of your home, such as inside boxes or shoes that don’t get moved much. Brown recluses aren’t aggressive, but they will bite if you disturb them by accident.

Grass Spiders

Grass spiders are mainly identified by the funnel webs they weave. You might see these webs outdoors in bushes or in grass. When these spiders get into your home, you’ll need to get rid of them. Grass spiders are known for having a highly painful bite.

If you’ve seen any New Jersey venomous spiders in your home, contact Allison Pest Control to learn more about our services.

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