Bug Smuggling: The Illegal Trade Of Exotic Bugs in the US

Many people don’t like the thought of having bugs in their home, but some people willingly bring them in. In fact, smugglers have been known to bring exotic bugs into the U.S. for people who keep them as pets or just collect them. While you probably won’t need NJ pest control for these exotic species, it’s still a good idea to learn about this problem.

Pests or Pets?

Smugglers, including one in Metuchen, NJ, have been sneaking certain types of insects into the country to make lucrative sales. As strange as it might sound, stick insects, beetles and other bugs are in demand among buyers looking for exotic pets. In some cases, people have even wanted cockroaches as pets.

Problems with Bug Smuggling

Smuggling bugs isn’t just an unsettling trend if these critters make your skin crawl. Taking these bugs out of their natural habitats is affecting the food chain in those areas. This could end up having more serious consequences in the near future if this smuggling trend continues.

These bugs can also be a problem if they escape outdoors and become an invasive species. These species can cause problems for local or native species by eliminating their food sources, killing them off or spreading disease.

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