New Jersey Ants: The Argentine Ant – a Non-Native Ant Moves In

Warmer weather means that all kinds of ants are making their presence known in NJ. However, not all of these ants are native species. An invasive species, known as the Argentine ant, has found its way to our state. Learn more about this type of ant and why you might need NJ ant control services to eliminate an infestation.

What Do They Look Like?

Argentine ants are one of the larger ant species, unlike sugar ants and other smaller ants. These invasive ants range in color from light brown tones to dark brown ones. Argentine ants don’t have stingers, but they’re able to bite if you bother them or they feel threatened.

Why Are They a Problem?

Argentine ants are among the more challenging ant species to eradicate due to the size of their colonies. These ants can build large colonies that include thousands and thousands of workers. They’re also able to walk long distances searching for food, which can make it harder to locate their nests. It’s best to have pest control technicians determine their nest locations and take steps to get rid of them before they become an even bigger problem for you.

If you have Argentine ants or any other ant species in your home this spring, please contact Allison Pest Control. We provide reliable NJ ant control services to help you keep your home free of pests.

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