Invasive Tick from Asia Spreads Viral Human Hemorrhagic Fever – What to Know

NJ is already home to certain types of ticks, but a new one has been invading in recent years. Asian longhorned ticks were found on a sheep in western NJ a few years ago, and they’ve since spread to other states. Why are experts concerned about this invasive tick species?

Asian Longhorned Ticks and Diseases

Asian longhorned ticks can spread human hemorrhagic fever, which can be fatal in up to 30 percent of cases. So far, this disease has only been spread by ticks in Asia. To date, experts haven’t found this disease or any other diseases carried by this tick in humans, pets, wildlife or livestock. However, this could change depending on how Asian longhorned ticks adapt to life in this part of the world. These ticks could potentially become vectors for the spread of the Heartland virus, which is a serious tick-borne disease that has been in the U.S.

Tick Control 

The best way to lower your risk of catching any tick-borne diseases is with Monmouth County pest control for ticks. Having your property treated for these bugs can protect you, your pets and any livestock you have. You can also keep ticks away by keeping your lawn trimmed and using tick repellent products.

If you’ve seen ticks in your yard, contact Allison Pest Control. Our team of Monmouth County pest control experts can help you stay safe from these bugs.

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