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The picturesque town of Red Bank in Monmouth County, New Jersey is memorialized in tunes such as “Red Bank Boogie” by native son Count Basie. Located on the banks of the Navesink River, the area developed as a port where both goods and commuters were transported to Manhattan.

An eclectic assortment of boutiques and designer clothing stores line the downtown streets highlighted by brick sidewalks and Victorian street lamps. Red Bank also has a thriving cultural scene as home to the Monmouth County Arts Council along with several art and photography galleries. The Count Basie Theater has hosted a diverse group of performers as well as a series of charity concerts featuring noted NJ rockers such as Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi.

The Pest Control Leader in Red Bank, NJ

Residents of Red Bank have been turning to Allison Pest Control to serve their extermination needs since 1917. Our owners and staff are natives of Monmouth County and take pride in providing safe, effective and thorough treatment to eliminate any pest found in the area.

Pantry Pests Make Themselves at Home in Red Bank Kitchens

The lovely homes of Red Bank include kitchens that are often the center of family activity. Unfortunately, they also appeal to a variety of pests that feast on flour, grains and other common food products.

Confused flour beetles are often mistaken for red flour beetles that are similar in appearance except for the addition of wings. As implied by their name, these ground-based insects feed on flour and flour by-products such as baked goods and dry mixes.

Drugstore beetles are not as selective in their choice of food items. They thrive on any dried, food-based products including drugs, tobacco, pet food and spices.

Indian meal moths are recognized by the distinctive reddish-copper markings on their white wings. These pests lay eggs in dried food items to provide nourishment to the larvae, which spin silky webs around the food.

Rice weevils use their elongated snouts to penetrate whole grains in order to lay eggs inside. They cause more damage to stored whole grains around the world than any other pest.

Sawtooth grain beetles gain entry to packaged food thanks to their flat, narrow bodies. They generally avoid whole grains in favor of dried fruit, pet food and pasta.

Stinging Insects in Red Bank Are No “Sweet” Deal

Bees make an important contribution to the beautiful flowering plants in Red Bank. The down side is that the behavior of these and other stinging insects can threaten any humans in their vicinity.

More than half a million people in the United States suffer bee or wasp stings each year. While the attack is painful enough for most people, it can literally be life-threatening for the approximately 2.5 million individuals who have allergies.

Cold weather kills off bee and wasp colonies, but that alone doesn’t resolve the problem. The fertilized queen or solitary wasp remains deep inside the hive or ground, waiting for spring to emerge and rebuild the colony.

New Jersey Pest Control Programs

Preserve the safety and appearance of your Red Bank home or business. Our friendly, experienced technicians provide service with a variety of residential and commercial pest management plans. You’ll feel secure in the knowledge that your property is well-protected.

Rely on Allison Pest Control, the #1 choice for Red Bank and eastern New Jersey. Call us at 732-741-2332 or 732-747-1411.

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