5 Things That You May Not Know That Attract Rats

Rats can find their way into your home and spread germs. These rodent pests can ruin food and put you at risk of becoming ill from diseases they transmit. You should find a pest control exterminator if you notice rats in your home. The following things could be attracting these rodents to your NJ home.


Items in your pantry, crumbs on your floor and other sources of food can easily bring rats to your home. These rodents will eat nearly anything, including soap, pet food and leather.


Rats get into homes while looking for a warm place to build a nest, especially as the weather gets colder. Keep in mind that they can cause severe damage to wires, wood and other materials inside walls and other parts of your home.

Gaps and Openings

Rats can squeeze through small gaps and openings in your home, such as cracks around doors. They can also climb trees and go through gaps in your roof to get to your attic.

Leaky Pipes

Rats are drawn to leaky pipes, since they’re a source of water for them. Other sources of water, such as pet bowls, can also attract thirsty rats to your home.

Pet Waste

Cleaning up after your pets can help keep rats out of your yard. These pests feed on pet waste that they find in yards.

If you need a pest control exterminator for rats, contact Allison Pest Control. We can get rid of a rat problem in your NJ home safely.

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