The Top Winter Pests in New Jersey: the House Mouse

Winter’s freezing temperatures aren’t pleasant for some critters that normally live outdoors. In fact, house mice are known for entering residential homes in order to stay somewhere warm during winter. Learn more about preventing mouse infestations, and get help from NJ pest control services if these rodents come into your home this season.

Don’t Feed Them

One of the reasons that house mice seek shelter inside homes during winter is that they’re often able to find food and water easily. You can help keep these rodents out of your home by making sure that you don’t have any crumbs on the floor or on counters. Keep all food stored safely away in containers that these mice can’t get into. To remove water sources that attract these rodents, check for leaks in your home and fix them promptly.

Don’t Let Them In

House mice can get into your home by squeezing through cracks around windows, doors and other areas. Once they’re inside, they can build nests inside walls and other parts of your home. Keep in mind that they’re able to push through even tiny gaps, so make sure you inspect your home thoroughly and seal these gaps up. This should make it harder for house mice to gain entry into your home.

Don’t let house mice take over your home. Contact Allison Pest Control for more information on our NJ pest control services for rodents.

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