Warmer Winters Are Leading to Fall ‘Super’ Wasp Colonies

One of the effects of climate change is that wasps are expected to build bigger and bigger populations. Warmer weather is leading to gigantic super wasp colonies already in parts of the south, including Alabama. Find out if you should worry about needing professional wasp nest removal in Monmouth County for one of these super colonies.

Wasps and Warm Weather

What is about warm weather that’s causing wasps to form larger colonies? Normally, a queen survives the winter and starts a new colony. With warmer temperatures, more queens are able to survive and form new colonies where they lay thousands and thousands of eggs. This ends up leading to huge wasp colonies. In fact, one homeowner in Alabama has been dealing with a wasp nest in his smokehouse that measures 7 feet in length. Wasp nests the size of cars have also been found.

What to Do About Wasps

No matter what size wasp nest you have on your property, it’s important to have professionals handle it. Some wasps can attack in large numbers and sting you multiple times, which can lead to serious and potentially life-threatening reactions in some individuals. Professional pest control technicians can get rid of a wasp nest with a minimal risk of being stung.

If you need wasp nest removal in Monmouth County, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our pest control experts can handle this task as safely as possible.

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