Roadside Flowers Might Be the Way to Rejuvenate Bee Populations

Honeybee populations have been declining in recent years. The decline in bee populations could have harmful effects on crops, which can threaten our food supplies. What might be done to protect their numbers? Wildflowers in roadside areas could end up playing an important role in maintaining bee populations.

Fighting Bee Population Losses with Flowers

Roadside flowers used to be a more common sight along highways and other roads. The use of pesticides to eliminate weeds has made these flowers less common, though. Scientists think that having more of these flowers around could be a way to protect bee populations and ensure that they thrive. These roadside wildflowers keep bees away from people’s homes while also giving them plenty of pollen to gather.

How to Handle Bee Problems 

While bees are beneficial to have around, they can be a danger if you’re allergic to their venom. They can also be a problem if they build a nest inside your home, such as in your walls or attic. Monmouth County pest control experts should be called in to safely remove bee nests from your yard or home. Trying to get rid of bee hives or nests yourself can increase your risk of being stung.

If bees have become a problem on your NJ property or in your home, contact Allison Pest Control. We offer Monmouth County pest control services, although we do not perform honey bee removal, we can recommend a bee expert for removal.

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