Flying Ants Swarm During the Late Summer Months

You might normally think of ants as bugs that crawl around on the ground, but did you know that some can take to the air? During this time of year, entire swarms of flying ants are sometimes seen. You might need an ant exterminator in Monmouth County NJ if you end up with these pests.

Late Summer Early Fall Swarms

If you see flying ants in groups during late summer to early fall, these bugs are on their way to build their populations. Swarms of flying ants are made up of females and males that will be mating and setting off to form new colonies. This behavior typically occurs during the late summer months. How big are these swarms? In parts of England, these flying ants have shown up on weather radar looking like rain. While swarms don’t always get that big in NJ, you should still keep an eye out for them. Seeing flying ant swarms around can mean that your property has an infestation.

What to Do About Flying Ants

When you have flying ant swarms around, professional pest control technicians can check for nests. Eliminating these nests is crucial in order to get rid of an ant problem on your property.

If you’re looking for an ant exterminator in Monmouth County NJ, contact Allison Pest Control. Our team can eliminate sugar ants, carpenter ants or any other type of ant that has invaded your home or yard.

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