The Appearance of a Nest Will Help You to ID the Wasp Type

No one wants to find a wasp nest on their NJ property, but it’s helpful to know what these nests look like. Knowing how to identify wasp species by their nests can help you understand what you’re dealing with. Keep in mind that you should get professional pest control in Monmouth County for any wasp nests that are on your property.

Paper Wasp Nests

These nests are small overall and are covered with open cells that look like a honeycomb. Paper wasp nests are gray and have a papery appearance. You might find these nests built under eaves or inside your attic. Paper wasps aren’t usually aggressive about defending their nests.

Yellow Jacket Nests

Yellow jacket nests can be tougher to notice, since these wasps build them underground. These nests are also gray, but you’ll need to look for the opening in order to identify them. Keep in mind that yellow jackets are very aggressive about defending their nests.

Hornet Nests

These nests have more of a spherical shape compared to other wasp nests. They’re often bigger than other wasp nests as well. You might find these nests in trees or bushes or inside walls or attics.

If you find any wasp nests in your yard or around your home, contact Allison Pest Control for help. We offer safe and reliable pest control in Monmouth County.

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