Types of Wasps Found in New Jersey

Bees aren’t the only kind of stinging insect you have to watch out for when you live in NJ. Our state is home to different types of wasps as well. Find out more about the common kinds of wasps that you might need professional pest control in Monmouth County for.

Wasp Types

Wasps that are commonly found in NJ include yellow jackets, paper wasps, cicada killers and mud daubers. Yellow jackets are usually around more than the other types, especially during the summer months. These wasps don’t have a hairy body as bees do. Instead, they have a smooth body with black and yellow coloring.

Wasp Behavior

Some types of wasps, including yellow jackets and paper wasps, can be aggressive when you encounter them outside or in your home, especially if you disturb a nest. These wasps can sting you if they see you as a threat. Since they don’t lose their stinger after using it, they’re able to sting you again and again.

Signs of Wasps

You might have a wasp problem on your property if you see these bugs flying around or if you spot them crawling out of certain areas, such as vents or openings.

If you have wasps in your home or yard, contact Allison Pest Control today. Our company can provide you with dependable pest control in Monmouth County to eliminate these stinging insects.

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