Movie Theaters Become a Hidden Pest Nightmare for Movie Goers

People often go to the movies to unwind while enjoying some entertainment for a couple of hours. However, some movie theaters could be harboring cockroaches, mice and other pests, which could make your moviegoing experience a nightmare.

Movie Theater Pests

Movie theater floors usually end up covered in popcorn and other foods. Sugary drinks can also spill on the floor. These foods and drinks attract mice, cockroaches and other bugs. If movie theaters aren’t thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, these pests keep coming back. It’s not that unusual for customers at theaters to notice bugs crawling around on the floor. These pests aren’t just an unpleasant sight. Some can put people at risk of getting sick from the germs they spread.

Pest Prevention

There isn’t much you can do to prevent pests as a moviegoer. However, you should report any pests you find to management, so they can have pest control experts get rid of them. In your home, you can have professional pest control services in Monmouth County deal with any pest problems you have. This helps prevent infestations from getting worse and can lower your risk of having pest problems in the future.

If your NJ property has a pest problem, please contact Allison Pest Control today. Our pest control services in Monmouth County can eliminate rodents, bugs and other pests.

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