The Top Winter Pests in New Jersey: Camel Back Crickets

You might be used to seeing crickets hopping around outside your home during summer, but did you know that some can be found inside homes during winter? You’re not likely to see the more common outdoor crickets in your home when it’s cold outside. However, camel back crickets might make their presence known in winter, which means you could need NJ pest control services.

What Do They Look Like?

Camel back crickets have an unusual shape, which is where they get their name from. They have an arched back that looks similar to a camel hump, unlike other cricket species that have straight backs. Camel back crickets grow to be about 2 inches long and are light brown. They also have very long, thin legs that look like spider legs.

How Do They Behave?

Camel back crickets don’t make noise like their more common cousins, so you probably won’t know you have them until you see one hopping around in your home. These bugs tend to prefer darker areas, such as basements, but you might also see them in bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas of your home. Since they’re able to reproduce at a rapid rate, it’s important to have infestations handled promptly.

If you have camel back crickets in your home this winter, please contact Allison Pest Control. We provide NJ pest control services for all kinds of winter pests, including camel back crickets.

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