Cornell Scientists Test Usage of Samurai Wasps to Control Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are invasive pests that can cause a headache for homeowners in NJ. These bugs can be difficult to get rid of without stinking up your entire home. They can also cause tremendous damage to crops, making them an agricultural nuisance. While pest control services in Monmouth County can eliminate these bugs from inside homes, scientists are taking a different approach to protecting crops.

Wasps vs. Stink Bugs

Researchers at Cornell are using samurai wasps to protect orchards and fields filled with vegetables and other crops from brown marmorated stink bugs, which are becoming a growing nuisance. These wasps help keep stink bug populations down by laying their own eggs inside stink bug eggs. When these eggs hatch, samurai wasps emerge, rather than stink bugs. These researchers are also developing other ways to get rid of stink bugs more easily without having to worry about their odor.

Stink Bug Infestations

Using samurai wasps might not be a desirable solution for homeowners, but professional pest control technicians can eliminate these pests for you. NJ pest control services know how to get rid of these bugs safely and effectively, which can help homeowners avoid having a house filled with the scent of stink bugs.

If you have a stink bug problem, contact Allison Pest Control. We offer pest control services in Monmouth County to help you keep your home clear of stink bugs and other pests.

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