Summer is Carpenter Bee Season in Monmouth County NJ

Many bees are active during the summer months, including carpenter bees. These large bees can damage the exterior of your house, so it’s important to determine if you should get professional NJ pest control for infestations.

Carpenter Bee Description

What do carpenter bees look like? You might mistake them for bumble bees due to their large size. However, bumble bees have a hairy appearance, while carpenter bees have no hair on their top of their abdomen. Carpenter bees have yellowish hairs on their thorax, legs and part of their abdomen. They also have a black, metallic blue, greenish-black or purplish-blue coloring on their body.

Carpenter Bee Behavior

Carpenter bees make their nests inside wood, especially unfinished wood. While they don’t consume wood, they do make holes in it when they bore in to build their nest. You might notice these holes in the exterior of your home or in other areas, such as porch railings or decks. These bees stay busy all summer, then spend winter inside their nest. You can end up with larger holes if they keep using the same tunnels year after year.

Carpenter Bee Damage

Carpenter bees aren’t known to be aggressive, so their stings aren’t a big concern. However, they can leave unsightly holes in the exterior of your home, which affects its appearance.

If carpenter bees are putting holes in your home, contact Allison Pest Control. Our team of NJ pest control professionals can safely remove these pests.

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