Are There Fire Ants in New Jersey?

While most ant species are considered more of a nuisance than anything, fire ants are considered dangerous. These ants are fiercely protective of their nests and won’t hesitate to attack intruders in large numbers. Do you need to worry about possibly needing fire ant control in Monmouth County?

Fire Ants in NJ

Unfortunately, fire ants are known to live in parts of NJ, but these ants weren’t always around. The fire ants in NJ originally came all the way over from Europe. Now that they’re here, you should learn more about them in case you end up having an infestation in your yard.

Problems with Fire Ants

Fire ants have a venomous sting that can cause a serious and potentially life-threatening reaction in people who are allergic. Even if you’re not allergic to this venom, these bites still hurt. Fire ants also tend to attack in large groups, resulting in multiple stings. These ants generally sting when you get too close to their nest.

Dealing with Fire Ants

Fire ants can cause severe infestations in your yard. Each fire ant colony can build several nests, which increases your risk of being stung. You’ll need to have the entire colony removed to eliminate these pests. Having professional pest control experts handle fire ant infestations can help you avoid these stinging insects.

If you need professional ant control in Monmouth County, please contact Allison Pest Control.

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