Carpenter Bees in New Jersey an Early Spring Pest – What to Look For Now

Stinging insects are usually thought of as a summertime nuisance, but some make their first appearance in early spring. Some NJ homeowners end up needing Ocean County pest control services for carpenter bees during this time of year.

Identifying Carpenter Bees

How do you know if you have carpenter bees around instead of other types of bees or stinging insects? Carpenter bees closely resemble bumble bees in size and coloring, but they have smooth abdomens instead of hairy or fuzzy ones. These bees typically grow to be about one to one and a half inches long when they’re fully grown. Only female carpenter bees sting, although they tend to be docile. Males don’t have stingers, but they’re known for being more aggressive and flying at those who come near their nest.

Carpenter Bee Damage

How can you tell if you have damage to your home caused by carpenter bees? These bees tunnel into wood surfaces, including residential homes, in order to make a nest and lay their eggs. They don’t eat wood as termites do, but they can create unsightly damage with the holes they dig in the sides of homes. Carpenter bee damage includes circular holes that are usually a half inch in diameter.

If you have carpenter bees putting holes in your home, contact Allison Pest Control. We provide Ocean County pest control services for carpenter bees and other types of stinging insects.

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