Tips for Storing Your Winter Fire Wood to Prevent Termites

When you have a wood-burning fireplace in your home, chilly evenings are perfect for starting up a warm fire. Since termites feed on wood, though, you’ll need to be careful about where you keep your stacks of firewood. Keep the following in mind, so that you’ll have a lower risk of needing pest control in Monmouth County for a termite infestation.

Good Storage Places for Firewood

When you need to keep piles of firewood around for your fireplace, you should store them at least a few yards away from the exterior of your home or other wood structures, such as wooden sheds. Storing firewood farther away from these buildings makes it harder for termites to infest them.

Storage Tips for Firewood

Don’t place piles of firewood right on the ground. Instead, store these stacks about 8 to 12 inches above the ground in a metal holder if possible. Keeping firewood higher up reduces the chance of having termites invade.

Don’t spray pesticides on your firewood to keep termites at bay. This isn’t an effective way to destroy or prevent termites, and burning this wood later on means you’re inhaling toxic fumes from the pesticide sprays. If you think you have termites in your firewood, have professional pest control do an inspection.

If termites are giving you trouble this winter, don’t hesitate to contact Allison Pest Control. Our technicians provide dependable pest control in Monmouth County.

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