Five Fun Facts About New Jersey Termites

Most people know that termites consume wood, which is what makes them such a problem for homeowners. However, there are some other interesting facts about these bugs that you might not know about.

Termites Don’t Take a Break

Termites stay busy around the clock building their nests and expanding their colony. The don’t sleep, and they don’t go into hibernation during winter as many other insects do. This gives them plenty of time to severely damage homes, so make sure you get professional pest control in Monmouth County if you have these pests.

Ants Prey On Termites

Ants are among the most common predators of termites. Ants and termites also compete for territory, which can lead to invasions of each other’s nests.

Termites Are Highly Hygienic

Termites aren’t covered in germs like flies and other bugs. In fact, termites groom each other in order to keep germs away and lower the risk of having diseases spread through their colony.

Some Termites Build Huge Mounds

Some termite species build mounds up instead of underground. In some areas, these mounds are more than 30 feet high.

Termite Soldiers Bang Their Heads

Soldiers in a colony bang their heads to warn others about threats that are present. They also tap against walls as a warning.

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