Prevent Termite Infestations With Professional Bait Stations

Termites are able to eat through wood while remaining out of sight, which puts homeowners at risk of having serious structural problems. Detecting a termite infestation and dealing with it can be hard to do. Preventing termite infestations from occurring in the first place is a better way to protect your home from damage. Professional NJ termite control service offers professional bait stations to reduce the risk of termites.

Termite Colonies

What makes termites so difficult to deal with once they infest homes? The entire colony has to be found and destroyed, or these pests will continue damaging your home. Termites build many satellite colonies that can be difficult to find. You also have to worry about neighboring colonies of termites that could become a problem in your home. Termites go back and forth between their colonies and sources of wood that they eat, including wood inside walls.

Professional Bait Stations

Having professional-grade bait stations placed strategically on your property can help destroy any colonies that are around. These stations can also eliminate neighboring colonies, so you don’t have to deal with new infestations. Keep in mind that DIY bait stations aren’t effective for getting rid of termites or preventing infestations compared to professional-grade bait stations. You’ll also need pest control professionals to determine the best places to put professional bait stations, depending on where termites are likely to be found.

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