Stinkbugs Aren’t Dead from the Polar Vortex After All

Awhile back, reports came out that the majority of stinkbugs were wiped out thanks to the polar vortex that hit. Unfortunately, these reports weren’t accurate. Here’s why you still might need pest control services in Monmouth County for stinkbugs.

Stinkbugs and Cold Weather

Stinkbugs normally wouldn’t be able to survive the extreme cold that the polar vortex brought with it. However, this cold only affect these bugs if they are directly exposed to it. How did stinkbugs manage to get through this cold weather? These bugs are able to find warm hiding places, which is where they stay until temperatures start to rise again. Stinkbugs that were in areas that got hit with the polar vortex this past winter did this in order to survive. This means that these pests are still around.

Dealing with Stinkbugs

As the weather gets warmer, you might find yourself dealing with a stinkbug problem. These bugs don’t bite, but they can leave unpleasant odors behind if you crush them. They can also be numerous when they invade homes. Don’t hesitate to have pest control experts inspect and treat your NJ home for these bugs if you end up with an infestation. Turning to the experts helps ensure that your home remains free from stinkbugs.

If you have a stinkbug problem in your home, our pest control services in Monmouth County can help. Contact Allison Pest Control for more information.

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