Do All Termites Have Wings?

From a distance, many insects look alike. In fact, even those that closely resemble one another have specific characteristics that help you tell them apart. Let our Colts Neck NJ exterminator explain how to identify termites, one of the more common pests found in our area.

Termites vs. Ants

Termites and ants are often mistaken for each other, but there are two clear differences.

• Swarming termites have four wings, which are all the same size as their body, while ants have wings that vary in size.

• The antennae on ants have a slight curve, while termites have a pair of straight antennae.

Are All Termites Alike?

According to our Colts Neck NJ exterminator, there are three types of termites, and even they vary in appearance from each other.

• Winged termites are the most visible ones, particularly during swarming season. These termites are generally brown or black in color. Note that termites lose their wings post-swarm, so don’t be confused if you spot an insect that looks like a termite, but lacks wings.

• Worker termites range from white to translucent, although they have the same antennae as the others.

• Soldier termites have a brownish hue. They have antennae but no wings, although they do have pincers near their heads.

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