Could I Have Termites? How to Know

When it comes to termites, having your property treated as soon as possible is crucial. These pests can cause widespread and severe damage if they are left unchecked. If you have any of the following signs of a termite infestation, it is time to get our NJ termite pros out to review your property.

Subterranean Termite Signs

What signs of termite infestations should you be checking for in your home or property? Keep in mind that you are unlikely to see termites wandering around. These pests tend to stay out of sight while causing damage.

If you have subterranean termites, you might have physical signs of damage, such as wood walls or floors that sound hollow or wood that is buckling. You might also notice a mildew odor from these pests. Subterranean termites also form mud tubes that they attach to building foundations, so they can easily go from buildings to their underground nests.

Drywood Termite Signs

Drywood termites can get into your home in infested pieces of wood, such as furniture. You can tell you have these pests if you see tunnels or cracks in wood items in your home or building. These termites live in wood and feed on it rather than living underground and feeding on wood as subterranean termites do.

If you think you might have termites, contact Allison Pest Control right away for a free pest inspection and NJ termite extermination.

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