Cloudy with a Chance of Spotted Lanternfly Swarms: What To Know About November Swarms

While you’re outside raking leaves or enjoying the crisp air, you might see a few or more spotted lanternflies. These insects, which have colorful wings with black dots on them, tend to swarm in November as temperatures become cooler. If you have them in your home, especially in large numbers, a NJ exterminator can help eliminate them.

Fall Behavior

Spotted lanternflies spend fall breeding and depositing eggs in sheltered places that can survive the cold temperatures. These bugs don’t start dying off until temperatures reach 28 degrees or lower for a few or more days. The weather in NJ typically doesn’t drop to those temperatures until sometime in December. This gives spotted lanternflies plenty of time to lay eggs.


Why do spotted lanternflies swarm in November? These bugs gather in large numbers on tall surfaces as the weather starts to cool off. Although they’re usually found on trees, you might find spotted lanternflies on your home in large numbers. These bugs might mistake houses and buildings for trees due to their height. Other experts believe these insects use tall surfaces to launch themselves in the air, since they don’t fly well on their own.

Spotted Lanternfly Problems

Spotted lanternflies can be pests when they get inside homes, especially if you have a large infestation. When they’re outside, they can damage fruit trees and other trees as they feed on the sap.

If you need a NJ exterminator to deal with spotted lanternflies in your home, contact Allison Pest Control.

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