Creepy Crawlers – Identifying and Controlling Centipedes

When it comes to creepy crawly bugs, centipedes are among the creepiest. Seeing their long bodies with several pairs of legs crawling around your basement or other areas of your home or building can be startling. NJ insect control service can eliminate these pests if you find them around.

Identifying Centipedes

Centipedes have a long body that can grow up to 6 inches in some cases. These bugs have anywhere from 15 to 177 pairs of legs and a yellowish or brownish coloring. Some centipedes also have dark stripes on their bodies. Centipedes are easy to spot when they’re out in the open due to their size and movement. You’re likely to see them in areas that are dark and damp, such as basements or crawlspaces.

Controlling Centipedes

You might not realize that you have a centipede problem unless you see these bugs in your home or building. Although they can cause infestations, they rarely leave any noticeable signs. Getting rid of one or two that you see is simple enough, but you should have professional pest control done for infestations. To prevent centipedes, eliminate hiding spots that offer moisture for these bugs, such as leaf piles. Making sure your basement or crawlspace is adequately ventilated can also help prevent centipede problems.

If your home or business needs NJ insect control service for centipedes, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our pest control team can get these bugs out of your home or building and prevent another infestation from happening.

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