How to Prevent Unwelcome Tenants This Winter: Prevention Is The Best Defense Against Mice

Winter is on the way, which increases your risk of having a mouse problem in your home. These pests are able to find ways into homes in order to access food and water while also having shelter from the cold. The following prevention steps can lower your risk of needing NJ mouse control service this winter.

Close Cracks and Gaps

Mice can get through small openings in your home’s exterior or through tiny gaps around windows and doors. They can also get inside your home if you have loose or missing roof shingles. Look around your home for places where mice might be able to get in. Close up any areas that might allow mice to get into your home.

Eliminate Food and Water Sources

Mice will stay in your home if they know they can easily get water and food there. Keep food in sealed containers, and clean up crumbs on a regular basis. Wipe up spills as quickly as possible, and empty your garbage regularly. You should also fix leaks to make it harder for mice to get water in your home.

Use Safe Mouse Control Methods

Avoid spraying pesticides or setting mouse traps to prevent a mouse problem, since these products can be ineffective and even dangerous. Pest control experts can provide you with guidance on safe ways to deter mice from your home.

If you’re looking for NJ mouse control service, contact Allison Pest Control. Our pest control team can get mice out of your home.

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