What Happens to Insects in the Winter – Part One

Insects don’t necessarily die off when the weather gets cold. In fact, quite a few insects can survive winter, even when it’s freezing outside. Brielle NJ pest control professionals often have to deal with insects in winter when they invade people’s homes. Find out more about how certain insects are able to make it through the winter months.


Not all ants look for indoor places to go during winter. Some ant species are able to survive outside by staying warm deep in the soil or under a rock. These ants increase their body fat during fall and go into a dormant state throughout winter. When the weather starts getting warmer again, these ants emerge from their dormant state and begin foraging and building their colonies.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs don’t need to worry about the cold when they find indoor areas to thrive. These pests can usually survive outdoor temperatures that are near freezing, although below freezing temperatures will kill them after a few days. To avoid this, bed bugs tend to make their way into homes and other indoor areas that provide them with shelter from the cold, as well as blood to feed on.

If you have a bed bug or ant problem in your home, contact Allison Pest Control. Our Brielle NJ pest control can eradicate these pests from your home this fall or winter.

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