Is There A Mouse In Your House? Signs To Watch Out For!

Are mice lurking inside your walls or other parts of your home? It’s important to know for sure, so that you can get NJ mouse control services if needed. Otherwise, your food, home and even your health could be at risk. The following are common signs of a mouse problem:

Bite Marks

Mice have front teeth that are made for gnawing and chewing. You might see their biting or gnawing marks on wood, food packages and other items in your home. Lighter marks indicate a current infestation, while darker marks indicate an older one. Mice usually leave smaller gnaw marks compared to rats.

Mouse Nests

Mouse nests are typically made of shredded paper and similar materials. Seeing a nest could mean that you have a mouse problem in your home.


Mice leave droppings while they run around looking for food. You might see these tiny droppings near your cupboards or other areas where you keep food or close to mouse nests. Older feces tend to be gray and dry, while newer feces are damp and dark.

Bad Smell

Mice are known for causing a foul odor in your home. This stale odor might be near walls or other hidden parts of your home. Your pets might notice this smell before you do.

If you’re looking for reliable NJ mouse control for your home, please contact Allison Pest Control today.

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