After the Mouse Is Out of the House: Tips From a NJ Exterminator on How to Clean After an Infestation

Having a NJ exterminator treat your home for a mouse infestation helps eliminate these pests. However, mice can leave germs behind that could make you and your family sick. Use the following tips to clean your home after a mouse problem has been dealt with.

Air Out the Area

Before you start cleaning, air the area out for 30 minutes or more. Open windows and doors to let outdoor air inside your home. This lets clean air into the area, so you’re not breathing in germs.

Wear Gloves

Don’t tackle cleaning without gloves, or your hands could wind up covered in germs. Put on a pair of rubber or plastic gloves while you clean. Toss disposable gloves out when you’re done, or wash gloves that can be reused. Make sure you wash your hands as well.

Don’t Use a Vacuum or Broom

Vacuums and brooms can easily stir up germs, increasing your risk of exposure. Spray the affected area with a bleach and water solution, wait 10 minute, then use paper towels or a cloth to wipe down surfaces and clean up nesting materials and waste. Put these materials and waste in a sealed plastic bag for disposal.

Clean Fabrics

Steam-clean or shampoo carpets, linens, and upholstery in the affected area, and wash clothes with hot water and detergent to remove germs.

If you need a local NJ exterminator to get rid of mice in your home, contact Allison Pest Control. We can eliminate mouse infestations and reduce your risk of having more occur.

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